We would like to welcome all deserving and bachelor graduates who are willing to join BBS, BASW, BHM, BIM and MBS (semester program) respectively at this institution. We would like to share our happiness with you all for successful completion of 14 academic years. We have been concentrating ourselves on exploring our commitment and best efforts in providing quality education particularly in various stream of education that we run.

Among large number of institution in the field higher education that have come into existence during the period of last two decades, our institution focuses mainly on qualitative growth rather than quantitative one. Thus, we believe that simply providing physical facilities and assuring ruthless classes is not the sufficient condition for quality education. We believe that for the qualitative development of academic institutions the culture of innovation and creative learning is must. Our institution is committed for creating the culture of learning environment since the day of its establishment and we are effortful to present ourselves differently in this respect. We want to develop and sustain these circumstances as a mark of identification. We hope our aspirations would be meaningful to get corporation from different walks of lives, especially from far and mid-west region of the country.

Once again, we would like to welcome you all prospective students at this institution and congratulate our teachers, supporting staff, all our students, gradians and well wisher for their outstanding contribution to us in achieving academic excellence in the region. We expect continuous support and constructive suggestions from the parents/guardians and well-wishers.